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Transducer calibration

Posted on 12 Jun 2013 in Calibrations | 0 comments

»Bring me that SLM I just want to check something.« Assistant brings the instrument, short measurement is performed and then the engineer says: »Value is lower than I anticipated. Means it is all OK«. We are often faced with subconsciously treating vibration and sound level meters as accurate and functional as long as their appearance […]

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Exhaust Noise Control of Motor Vehicles

Posted on 07 Jun 2013 in Noise Patrol | 0 comments

Strolling down the road, a couple is talking while listening to chirping of the birds and wind playing with the trees. All of a sudden he says: “Did you hear that?” and he steps on the road to look around. She is then confused and asks: “What is it?” “It was something that sounded like […]

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